Decorative Options For Asphlat Drives

Are you balking at the idea of an asphalt driveway because you think it looks boring? If so, then you will be happy to find out that there are several decorative treatments you can install with asphalt to make it much more attractive. This allows you to have a beautiful drive that also features the easy care and long life of asphalt.

Decorative edging

A simple way to give an existing asphalt drive a facelift is to install decorative edging. This is most commonly done with paver stones, which are inset along the edges of the driveway. Brick is a popular choice, simply because red or yellow bricks contrast nicely with dark gray-black or plain asphalt. Concrete curbing can also be poured to provide a decorative edge. A hidden benefit of edging is that it also protects your driveway, since crumbling along an asphalt edge can otherwise occur. It also provides a barrier so weeds don't grow against the weaker edge of an asphalt drive and cause it to give out prematurely.

Dyed asphalt

If you think that all asphalt is gray-black in color, think again. Asphalt can be dyed a rainbow of colors, with terracotta and green being two popular choices. You can opt to have the entire driveway dyed in the color of your choice, or you can have it dyed in batches so that a mosaic of sorts can be created with the different colors. Asphalt dye is added to the mix before the driveway is poured; it isn't painted on top. This means that the color will last the life of the driveway without fading, chipping, or peeling.


Asphalt can also be stamped, which is an easy way to get rid of the blandness of plain asphalt. Stamping is most often done to give the drive the appearance of bricks or paving stones. When used in conjunction with dying, you can nearly camouflage the fact that the drive is made from durable asphalt since it will look so much like brick or stone. Just keep in mind that linear shapes, as opposed to those with curved or irregular edges, tend to work best in asphalt.


Aggregate is another option. This is a collection of decorative rocks or stones that are pressed into the asphalt surface. They are rolled perfectly flat then a sealant is applied over the top, so that the driveway still has a smooth surface. Aggregate is usually used on its own, since stamping and dyes won't show once aggregate is applied.

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