Cleaning Paving Stones? Why You Should Not Leave Them Dirty

Once homeowners install paving stones, they tend to leave them alone. After a while, they are just as dirty as everything else outside. So, why should you clean them? Can you even clean them like you would anything else outside? Is it really worth it? Here are the answers to all of those questions:

You Should Clean Them to Keep Them Vibrant

Dust, dirt, and organic material tends to make paving stones look old, faded, and unattractive. Taking care of the paving stones extends their life and makes them look like new. It also prevents them from chipping, growing moss and mold, and splitting apart along the cracks. If you clean them yourself, you will need a pressure washer and the appropriate and pre-approved cleaner for the paving stones.

If you choose not to clean the paving stones yourself, there are paving stone cleaning services. They can come to your home semi-annually, usually in the spring and in the fall, and clean the paving stones thoroughly. They will also seal the paving stones to prevent weather damage over the winter (if you are somewhere in the country where ice and snow develop on top of the paving stones).

Paving Stones Cannot Be Cleaned Like Your House or Driveway

You cannot use certain chemicals on the paving stones as it affects the grout in between and can have a dulling effect on the stones themselves. Use only the recommended cleaners suggested at the time you installed the paving stones, or products meant for cleaning paving stone. These should be used in conjunction with a pressure washer, set on low, and warm (not hot) water.

Yes, Cleaning Paving Stones Is Really Worth It

It is worth it to keep your paving stones clean and free of anything that could grow over them or make them dirty. These stones help pave areas in your yard where you might want to entertain guests. The stones add to the beauty of your landscape and become an invaluable selling point to anyone who owns the home in the future.

Additionally, keeping these stones clean prevents them from deteriorating and having to rip them all out. Then you would be stuck having to repave this area, resurface it in another way, or turn it back into grass. That all becomes a lot of extra work for you when all you would have to do is hire professional paving stone cleaners to do the job for you.

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