How To Patch Asphalt The Easy Way

Asphalt is durable but bound to pick up a few bumps and bruises over the years. Every once in a while, to maintain that nice, clean blacktop, you will need to make some cosmetic patches to your asphalt. If you use the right products and tools, it is actually a very simple job. This article explains the best (cheapest and fastest) way to patch asphalt.

What You Need

The tools for this job are easy, and you might already own them all. First, a large putty knife to apply the patch. You will also want a squeegee to spread the patch onto the asphalt and into the cracks. The asphalt patch will probably ruin your squeegee and putty knife if you don't clean it off immediately before it dries. So, have wet rags ready as well. Patching your asphalt is easy, but messy work. Make sure you wear clothes that you are willing to throw away when the job is done.

Most importantly, you need the right kind of patch for your job. Using dry mixture patch is the best for cosmetic repairs. You can find hot formula patch mixtures but these are meant for large jobs and they are not necessary for small cracks. While your asphalt was probably originally poured using hot formula, using it for small jobs is nor practical or easy. You can find asphalt patch in large tubs or caulk tubes. The tubs are better if you have large holes or wide cracks to fill. However, if you just have some thin cracks, the caulk is the way to go. It is the quickest and cleanest way to get the job done.

How to Apply the Patch

If you are using caulk patch, you just want to squeeze it into the crack until it fills it in entirely. Fill it until it is slightly higher than the asphalt. Then, go over it with the squeegee to flatten and smooth out the patch. If you are filling larger holes using a patch from a tub, you might need to do it in steps. That is, fill the hole in halfway and then let it dry. Then, come back the next day and top it off. This way the patch will be stronger and dry flat.

When you have all the tools and supplies on hand, patching small blemishes and cracks in your asphalt are simple. Learning this simple task will enable you to keep your asphalt looking new and clean at all times. Contact a company like L. N. Rothberg & Son Inc for more information and assistance. 

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