Three Reasons To Slurry Seal Your Asphalt Surface

If you are looking to protect your asphalt surface against weather elements, such as the sun and rain, you have a couple options. Applying a seal coat is the most common option. The other option is to slurry seal your asphalt surface. Learning the benefits of slurry sealing your surface will help you to decide if it is the better option for your needs. Here are a few of the reasons to select slurry seal over a seal coat. 

Slurry Seal Fills in Small Cracks

One of the major benefits that slurry seal has over traditional seal coating is that slurry seal can be used to fill in small or minor cracks in your asphalt. This is something that seal coating cannot do. If you have any cracks or gaps in your asphalt surface, those have to be filled in before seal coating can be applied. As such, slurry seal is beneficial for older asphalt surfaces that have these minor cracks because only one product needs to be applied and used. This helps to reduce both costs and repair time. 

Slurry Seal Holds Up Longer in High-Traffic Areas

The second reason why you may one to consider slurry seal over seal coating is because slurry seal holds up longer in high-traffic areas. If you are looking for a product that can withstand a lot of traffic in a parking lot, slurry seal is the better choice. Seal coating can wear off quickly in high-traffic areas. This may cause you to have to reapply it more frequently. Looking for a product that lasts can help you save money and help prevent you from needing more frequent maintenance than is absolutely needed. 

Slurry Seal Adds Traction to Your Surface

The last benefit that slurry seal has over seal coating is that slurry seal has traction or grit to it. Seal coating is a thin sealant that is applied directly to your asphalt surface. It simply coats the surface, much like paint coats your wall. On the other hand, slurry seal has aggregate in it to help thicken it. This adds texture and traction. This can be important, as it helps to keep your asphalt surface from being slick. This can help to prevent accidents on your asphalt surface, such as people slipping and falling while walking to their car or their car sliding in the rain. 

Both seal coatings and slurry seals can be used to help protect your asphalt surface against water seeping in through the pores of your surface and against damage caused by the sun. Slurry seal is a stronger product than seal coat, which also helps it to fill in cracks and last longer, and it has texture to increase traction. Contact a paving contractor today to schedule your appointment to find out if slurry sealing can be done to your surface. 

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