Why Your Parking Lot May Need Asphalt Milling Repairs And How The Process Is Done

If your parking lot is damaged and looks bad or has become a hazard, then it's time to make repairs. An asphalt lot can be repaired in a number of ways, but one common and effective way is through milling and resurfacing. Here's a look at when this type of asphalt repair may be needed, the benefits of milling, and how it's done.

When To Have Asphalt Milling Repair Done

Your asphalt contractor can determine when milling is the right choice because other methods of repair might be suitable for mild damage. However, when your parking lot is covered in cracks, especially alligator cracks, milling might be the right choice. Milling can also repair damage from gashes, ruts, uneven surfaces, and failure of the asphalt binding. Milling is the best option for these types of damage because the process removes the top layer of asphalt so the contractor has a smooth, level base upon which to pour new asphalt.

The Benefits Of Asphalt Milling

When an old parking lot has damage, it's best to remove the damaged areas through milling than it is to just cover them up. While covering the damaged areas may hide them for a while, eventually, the cracks or ruts may bleed through or cause damage to the new asphalt layer. By milling away the top layer of asphalt, new asphalt is put down on a smooth and stable surface so it can have a long life. This process can be repeated when necessary so you can maintain your parking lot for many years without having to rip it out and start completely over. Milling is a more affordable method of maintaining your lot when compared to replacement.

How Asphalt Milling Is Done

The success of milling rests on the condition of the base of the parking lot. Milling only removes the top portion of asphalt, so the base has to be in stable condition. If the base is damaged, all the asphalt has to be removed so the base can be repaired. When milling is done, the contractor uses heavy equipment to bust up the asphalt into small pieces that are then collected and used in asphalt recycling. Once the pieces have been removed from the surface, a new layer of asphalt is applied and allowed to cure. The result is a new surface to your parking lot without having to bother the base.

By removing some of the lot, the height of the lot stays consistent. Although heavy machinery is used for the process, the contractor can work in sections so portions of your parking lot can stay in use until the work is complete.

For more information, contact a company that offers asphalt milling repair.

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